Decentralized Exchange
UDEX is a decentralized, real-time, and non-custodial exchange built on 0x protocol technology.
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We want to live world where markets are borderless, so we engineered a decentralized exchange that works anywhere on the planet. Designed with attention to detail and crafted by gifted engineers, UDEX is built to uphold your interests.
The freedom of action
Trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users, without paying trading fees.
Full control of your crypto
UDEX is open-source and fully decentralized
    • Fully non-custodial
    • Private Keys stored on device
    • Free from government censorship
    • Easy to backup and restore
    • Open-source
    • Private Keys stored on device
    • No data collection
    • No accounts
    • No AML, No KYC
    • Uses P2P technology
    • Fully decentralized
    • No Accounts

      • Real-time exchange rates
      • Smart transaction fees
      • Face ID / Touch ID
      • Smart Transaction Fee